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iD Interiors

Interiors Design

Interiors Design

iD- Interiors journey towards becoming one of the top 10 interiors in Chennai began over seven years ago. Since our inception, we have set our sights to emerge as one of the best interior designers by building a strong reputation as being a trustworthy and excellent service provider.

Being an interior design firm that seeks to deliver the best to our customers, our team of interior designers dedicate their efforts into designing spaces that are often characterized by smart and logical utilization of space, beautiful design, lush greenery and sensitivity towards external environment.

As an interior designer company, our team sets out to partner our clients to unfold their stories by bringing creative design, excellent workmanship and exceptional customer service to every project. Over these years, we have established ourselves as a highly recommended interior designer, having received numerous glowing accolades from our clients.

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Line of Thinking

We at id Interiors, Seek Inspiration from that makes India enigma it is. The colors, the cultures, the flora, the fauna, the urban structures, The rustic vibes… they all have inspired us develop an exhaustive range. And as you choose us, you will be a step closer to our inspired creations



Right from the procurement, every step to create I’D Interiors is taken with a great love, Sensibility and care of your dream home


Unbeatable 10 Years Warranty

1. Abrasion Resistant,
2. Dry and wet Resistant,
3. Scratch Resistant,
4. Light Resistant,
5. Boiling water Resistant,
6. High Temperature Resistant


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Our Associates

Below listed are our associates

Excitement, Like Never Before

  If your need for extreme look for your home

  If your desire for adrenaline powers for your dream

  If your search for Creative

  Then look no further as the all- iD INTERIORS HERE


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And Onsite Professionals (Who missed Chennai)

Hearty Welcomes NRI & Onsite Professionals (Who missed Chennai). We know your fear to choose right vendor and to do works without your presence. We will assure our service will meet all your requirements end to end. 100% Payment Guarantee and New Secured Payment Gateway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Questions

Simple. Please share your floor plan and requirements in our website. Our team will send Estimation

Yes. We will provide 3D and 2D Designs.

Designs free for Our Clients.

Secured Payment Gateway. We accept dollars and Pounds.

We update site status daily through App.

Outstanding customer care!


What Our Customer Say

As a first-time house buyer with hard earning money, we seeking for budget interiors. I found iD interiors, they are very professional. I received a free consultation and Estimation. In my opinion, they have a dedicated professional team and his company ID is one of the best interior designing firms in Chennai. I will recommend others too for their interior decoration or renovation.

By Saravanan R

Id Team, had great vision and creative ideas, paid attention to every single detail, and masterfully managed all the things. Personalized everything as per our personality and style I would highly recommend and the team

By Mrs. Priya Subramani

First of all I need to admit myself am not giving five stars, only because that will be encouraging them to reach it.. but really I am satisfied like anything and happy to give 5 stars... I did my interior for my new home from them near Siruseri... Initially I never had an impression that am going to witness this kind of output... The way they are crafting the designs and executing them as it is it's an art in Interior decorations and they are master of it... And they are too creative in their thoughts and designs.. All I want to say is... If you're looking for any creative designs , just go for them. Sit and relax rest is history...

By Mr. Manoj Kumar

We got our 4 BHK apartment in OMR. We approached them after seeing a Good reviews on google. The team took our requirements and made a couple of designs and shared with us. They are Very friendly and approachable with a smile always on there face. The suggestions they advised very valuable. All said and done they delivered the project well within the requested timelines and as the end result, it was appreciated by many who had come for house warming ceremony. We Strongly recommended iD INTERIORS

By Mr. Imthiyas Anwar Batcha

Our New Updates


Smart Modular Kitchen


Google and Alexa Voice Control


Sensinova Sensor Control


Toyama Touch Switches

Kessebohmer India


Stylish Solution for Wall Units

The entire FREElift family has been upgraded to ETOUCH ELECTRONIC opening. It’s one up for use convenience. The striking halmarks of all KESSEBÖHMER lifters are easy action, light weight and a compact design. Know More


Reduced to the Max
- Ability to Organize

The kitchen is the culinary centre, but it’s not the only part of your home that has to meet escalating demands for design, ergonomics, storage space and functionality. Creating a system that is right for any size of room requires creative flexibility.. Know More


Bright Ideas for Beautiful Kitchens

The name Kesseböhmer stands for innovative solutions and a powerful blend of design, function and quality. Today the Kesseböhmer group is still owned and managed by the current generation of the founding family. Know More

Tailor made Interiors Design – iD Interiors


Tailor made Interiors Design – iD Interiors

iD INTERIORS Tailor Made is the exclusive design for those customers who want to customize each element of their Home interior for a perfect fit, creating an unmistakable, one-of-a-kind Interior which reflects their personality and tastes. This was the era in which every interior design was personalized to suit each customer, with an extensive range of woods, Accessories, Mirrors, Nails, colors and finishes to choose from, creating truly unique, “tailor made” iD INTERIORS masterpieces to meet the requirements of the most passionate and imaginative Customer of that period. Today, the choice of materials, workmanship and color shades is unlimited, courtesy of the tireless research conducted by the ID Interiors Design team in this area, using the values of the brand – passion, innovation and elegance – as a key point of reference.


The Tailor Made Design is directed at a limited number of Customers, each assisted by a team of experts led by a Personal Designer, who is tasked with ensuring that each and every element of the Interior design is unique, whilst upholding the traditions and prestige that epitomize the Maple Creations Brand.

The design includes a customer visit our design studios, Customer can choose and touch the materials that they wish to use, selecting the samples themselves. During this meeting, the designer interprets the desires of the customer, presenting a range of potential configuration suggestions and showing a real-time virtual preview of the Interior design.


Great collections are available as a starting point for the Tailor Made Interior designs, and all designs closely connected to creative interiors DNA (Designers New Army). iD customers can then take inspiration from one or more of these collections, adapting the various elements according to their tastes.

Customers are given maximum freedom of choice with regard to the combinations they use, enabling an unprecedented level of exclusivity to be achieved, with a range of new solutions and innovative materials to choose from – the result of continuous experimentation and the influence of new trends from outside the Interior industry.

Cocktails !

No Alcohol - Alcohol is injurious to Health - issued in public interest - iD INTERIORS

This cocktail made form Hot Metals and Cool woods. We simply called this combination “iD Interiors -Cocktails” We are specialized for metal fabrication with wooden finishes. Generally this finish looks like rustic and Creative. In Chennai Interiors we are only one can do creative combinations. Metal fabrication gives 100 % additional strength for your interior works. In this combination you can use anywhere in your home like Modular kitchen, Living partition, Balcony vertical garden, Living garden, Wardrobes, Tv units, Book shelves, Study units.

Kids Special

Most of us underestimate how challenging it is to raise a kid. We may have certain beliefs and imaginings about how it must be like to have children. What you imagined to be a manageable task turns out to be a larger-than-life responsibility with 24/7 and sleep deprivation. Once your baby is born, you realize that parenting is never easy. With a young child to take care of comes a lot of responsibility. At the same time, having that little angel in your life compensates for all the sleepless nights and the great responsibility that rests upon your shoulders. Raising kids is one of the most worthwhile things you can do in your life. To help you lighten the weight of the responsibility that comes with a baby, we’ve created the following themes. These are the cute and inspiring themes that celebrate the joys and wonders of having a kid.

iD- INTERIORS classified different theme for kids. We add some more special effects for your kid’s bedroom. Theme Based interiors will increase your kids imagination; field of interest, and more their Happiness. Note : customized wallpapers made only Paid copyrights imagesonly.

Motherhood & Cute Babies

We love these little people; and it is not a slight thing when they, who are so fresh from God, love us. You know you’re going to have a kid but when your baby is born, it finally hits you. And once it does hit you, it hits you really hard. You realize that you are a parent now. You see your baby lying in front of you and you realize that it is now your responsibility to raise this beautiful little wonder and to equip your kid with everything it needs for life.

Little Genius

In this category kids are more genius. They are very advanced 20 years ahead. We can create platform for their dreams. We provide themes in wardrobes, walls, and bung cots and everywhere at your home. We have collection of Green lam kids laminates & customized Wall paintings and wall Papers for kids.




Super Kids (Marvel Fans)

In this category for kids and Marvel fans (Still who love Super heroes & No age limit). Super kids have outstanding talents like Swimming, Reading, Writing, Sports, skating, chess. We create their role models and ambition. We provide real models. Sorry for Incontinence we can’t provide iron man suit. Because he dead in Avenger End Game. (RIP Iron man – ID Interiors). We customized and provide Sakthiman theme for 90 and 2K Kids against order only.)


Little Rascals

In this category kids are very naughty. They are more love their parents and friends. They are making happy anytime. Which centered on the adventures of a group of neighborhood children. In Tamil they are called Val Pasanga. ID interiors fan for Doraemon and Dora.

WWE & mic Tyson

No comments... If you dare touch me here...

Jolly Racers

In this category kids are very fast and furious. They are love their cycles more than BMW & AUDI. And like More adventures trip and they are not scaring in giant wheel. They are racing always with someone but have no license. No scare about traffic police because - ‘L’ Board. (Racing in Blood)